18. November 2017


The basic idea of ECOPROFIT® is a mutually beneficial model using integrated environmental technologies to strengthen businesses economically and simultaneously improve the local environment.


OKOPROFIT® (ECOPROFIT), the 'ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental Technology', is a programme for sustainable economic development developed by the Environment Department of the City of Graz, Austria, in 1991. The project has been awarded the 'European Sustainable City Award 1996' and the 'Dubai International Award for Best Practices to improve the Living Environment 2002'. It was also a finalist in the 'Bremen Partnership Award Contest 2001'.

The Public Private Partnership Model

An important factor for the success of OKOPROFIT® is the special way local authorities, businesses and consultants work together through common training programmes and networking. This strong co-operation enables an effective flow of information and considerable synergies.

The Project

The OKOPROFIT® Academy was founded to give other regions the chance to apply the methods that have proved successful in Graz. Consultants and local authority representatives are instructed in the OKOPROFIT® method through an extensive training programme. The subsequent OKOPROFIT® basic programme transfers this knowledge into participating companies. The Cleaner Production Center (CPC) Austria was charged with the international dissemination of the project, the organisation of the OKOPROFIT® Academy and the allocation of licences for use of the OKOPROFIT® trademark. The CPC supports project managers in the implementation process and thus assures the quality and success of the projects.

Further development

The permanent further development of the project is a central concern of the project team. As a reaction to the wishes of our project participants, special programmes were developed for tourism as well as small businesses with less than 10 employees.

The Best Practice Network

The establishment of an international OKOPROFIT® network enables participating companies, consultants, local authorities and research institutions to benefit from synergies by sharing knowledge. The CPC Austria has a pool of experienced experts and partners from a variety of disciplines and thus guarantees to provide 'state of the art' advice.

The OKOPROFIT® Trademark

OKOPROFIT® is an international registered and copyrighted trademark. Project managers are allowed to use the trademark and the associated programme through a licence agreement.

The Costs

Project costs are usually financed through public grants and contributions from participating companies. In addition, sponsorship through funding programmes should be considered


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