18. November 2017


Ecoprofit is a unique programme that strengthens both companies and local authorities, helping to secure the sustainable economic development of a region.

In Graz alone, more than 100 companies have achieved the following savings with ECOPROFIT over the last couple of years

ECOPROFIT advantages for:



- Efficient and economic benefits to the environment through better use of resources

- Establishment of sustainable structures through an efficient economic support system

- Funds to support innovative companies rather than expenses for environmental recovery

- Safeguarding of jobs through successful companies

- Competitive and regional advantages

- Higher quality of life for the inhabitants of a region

- Improvements to environmental quality in a region, helping to stimulate tourism

- Helping to achieve Local Agenda 21 objectives to reach the Kyoto target


- Increase in production efficiency and reduction of costs through lower consumption of raw materials and energy

- Reduction of costs through less waste and emissions

- Legal compliance through official support

- Training of employees in the areas of environmental protection, production efficiency and cost awareness

- Synergies through common training programmes with other companies

- Support of the project by local authorities

- International market opportunities through networking

- Certification as an official "OKOPROFIT® company" and integration in joint PR activities

- Preparation or addition to EMAS or ISO 14001


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