17. November 2017

How does ECOPROFIT® work?

ECOPROFIT® builds on a step-by-step plan consisting of the Academy, the Basic Programme and the subsequent Club Programme.

Initially consultants and local authority representatives are trained on the ECOPROFIT method via a 'train-the-trainer' programme in the OKOPROFIT® Academy. Subsequently the OKOPROFIT® Basic Programme will be started, in which the acquired knowledge will be transferred to employees of participating companies under the organisation's guidance. Finally the ECOPROFIT® Club will guarantee the long-term effectiveness of the programme via the ongoing exchange of experience and knowledge.


The network of OKOPROFIT® project participants comprises more than 1000 companies in an increasing number of cities and regions world-wide (details on www.cpc.at. It enables members to benefit from sharing experiences and international market opportunities.



The OKOPROFIT® Academy

At the OKOPROFIT® Academy consultants and local authority representatives acquire the necessary qualifications and authorisation to manage OKOPROFIT® projects according to the official guidelines.

The training at the OKOPROFIT® Academy contains various aspects of corporate and communal development in environment related areas. Additionally there is a special programme for local authorities. The topics concentrate on the establishment and development of the communal infrastructure and the development of communal concepts in the areas of waste, energy, traffic/mobility, sustainability and Local Agenda 21. Experts share their experiences, advice in special workshops and support the implementation of the measures.

The ECOPROFIT® Basic Programme

In the OKOPROFIT® Basic Programme, which lasts approximately one year, OKOPROFIT® project managers from the authorities will organise and manage the whole project, whilst the OKOPROFIT® consultants hold workshops and help to establish the objectives. Through a combination of workshops and individual advice, the acquired knowledge stays within the company.

The ECOPROFIT® Certification

After the positive evaluation from an independent committee, successful compaies are awarded the certificate aa an officially recognised ECOPROFIT company


In the OKOPROFIT® Club Programme was developed to ensure the continuous development and implementation of new measures in participating companies and promote the co-operation between companies, consultants and authorities. Workshops, events and consultations can be tailored to the individual requirements of each company.

Through a Best Practices Database, established within the network, research findings from international partners can be shared for analysis and to enhance the efficiency of the prgramme.


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