17. November 2017

International votes for ECOPROFIT®

Walter Ferk

Responsible for Environmental Affairs and Deputy Mayor of the City of Graz, Austria

"The City of Graz has already acquired a certain international reputation on the environment sector. In order to share our acquired knowledge and experiences with other cities and regions, we have founded the Cleaner-Production-Center Austria in 1996. The mission of the CPC Austria is to disseminate the idea of our OKOPROFIT® project world-wide. Over the years we were able to establish a demonstrative network of OKOPROFIT® partners. The reputation of OKOPROFIT® has already spread to China, South America and South Africa and our vision of an international OKOPROFIT® Network with its heart in Graz is now becoming reality."

Mag. Siegfried Nagl

Mayor of the

City of Graz, Austria

"Before we started the project, more than 10 years ago, the City of Graz was in quite a tough environmental situation. Within this situation nobody would have dared to hope that we could reach such enormous improvements in such a short time period. With the development of our OKOPROFIT®-programme we have found an instrument, which allows us to improve our environmental activities together with our enterprises and therewith strengthen their profitability. OKOPROFIT® has served us well to achieve the first 'European Sustainable City' award and we are proud that our project has evolved into an international role model."

Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann

Lord Mayor of the

City of Hamm, Germany

"Saving money through environmental practices in a company doesn't always look too profitable at first glance. But the results of the two OKOPROFIT® projects in the City of Hamm have proved the contrary. We have discovered a huge potential in every single participating company. In addition we reached annual savings of  233.000 Euros with one-off investments of  82.000 Euros. Because of these achievements and strong interest from other companies we have decided to start a third basic programme immediately.

Dipl.lng. Boris Sovic

Mayor of the City of Maribor, Slovenia

"In 2002 we have started with our OKOPROFIT® project in Maribor - in the framework of an INTERREG IIIA programme and in cooperation with the City of Graz. In the first phase 20 companies have participated and we were able to calculate a savings potential of  839.393 Euros for the years 2002 to 2004 through the measures we have planned. The project is very interesting, because it allows us to learn about best-practices-experiences in the field of eco-technology and strengthens the competitiveness of companies, especially regarding our EU-membership. I am convinced that OKOPROFIT® is important for the future development of our and other Slovenian cities and regions and I will support the further dissemination within other Slovenian municipalities, which are members of the Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia."



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