18. November 2017

Organisation of an ECOPROFIT® Project

On the municipal/regional level, the city functions as contracting authority. The project management is located at the departments for environment and economy.

The operational project management is conducted by the OKOPROFIT® consultants, who accomplish the workshops and individual consultations.


Organisational structure

The project organisation should comprise the following actors:

- Contracting authority -> municipality/region

- Project management -> authority

- Project implementation •> consultants

- Project controller -> CPC Austria

- Participating companies

In order to guarantee a successful implementation of the project, a co-operation and intensive communication between the project participants and the authorities in each project-phase is essential.


Before the start of a project there are a number of organisational and administrative tasks to be completed as follows:

- Assurance of financial budget

- Contract conclusion

- Status-quo survey

- Recruiting Academy participants


Assurance of financial budget

The first and most important step of an OKOPROFIT® Project is the raising of funds and obtaining a promise of financial commitment.

Contract Conclusion

Having secured the budget, an official contract for the execution of a project will be signed by the municipality/region and the CPC Austria.

Status-Quo Survey

To be able to tailor the programme to the individual requirements of a city/region, representatives of the authorities are requested to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire on the environmental situation and return to the CPC Austria.

Recruiting Academy Participants

The participants of the Academy must be recruited at an early stage. Approximately 50 % should come from authorities and 50 % from consultancies. The list of participants will have to be duly forwarded to the CPC Austria, before the start of the Academy. The participants are also requested to fill in a questionnaire on their previous knowledge.


Quality Assurance, Coaching and Evaluation by the CPC Austria

The CPC Austria is responsible for the quality assurance linked to the brand OKOPROFIT®. The CPC Austria offers accompanying services supporting local authorities representatives and consultants in the implementation of the project and thus strengthening the sustainable success of OKOPROFIT®.

These services include:

- Project controlling

- Supporting the project management

- Participation in the examination by the


- Overall evaluation of the projects

- Expert services of the CPC Austria



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