17. November 2017

The ECOPROFIT® Club Programme

The OKOPROFIT® Club Programme was developed to ensure the continuous development and implementation of new measures in participating companies and encourage the co-operation between companies, consultants and authorities.

Within the OKOPROFIT® Club the companies are supported to reach and control the objectives of their environment programme. Additionally the knowledge is deepened in special workshops and the individual consultation is progressed (further measures, additional savings). Furthermore the participants can benefit from the transfer of information and experiences within the network.


Structure of the Club Programme

The programme of an OKOPROFIT® Club contains two modules:

- Workshops

- Workgroups

Whilst the workshops cover topics of general interest and concrete steps towards the OKOPROFIT® certification, the workgroups deepen the existing knowledge, outline new aspects and promote an intensive exchange of ideas.

The workshops and events can be individually tailored to the needs of the participating companies.



- How to save energy in industrial enterprises

- Mission and vision:

Sustainability into the New Year We for us: OKOPROFIT®-network and communication

- From environment officer to environment manager

- Saving energy: from purchase to dispensation

- Mobility and motion

- Sustainable customer and employee satisfaction

- C&C - Communication and conflicts

All that's right (Legal Compliance) etc.


The international OKOPROFIT® Network

The successful participants from the Basic and Club Programme are also integrated in the international OKOPROFIT® network. The network comprises more than 1000 companies in an increasing number of cities and regions world-wide (details on www.cpc.at). It enables members to benefit from sharing experiences and international market opportunities.



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