17. November 2017

The ECOPROFIT® Basic Programme

In the OKOPROFIT® Basic Programme, which lasts approximately one year,  the knowledge is transferred into the companies.

OKOPROFIT® project managers from the authorities will organise and manage the whole project, whilst the OKOPROFIT® consultants hold workshops and help to establish the objectives. The CPC Austria supports and assists the process

Preparation and licence agreement

Prerequisite for the implementation of an OKOPROFIT® project is the signing of a licence agreement by the region/city. Licence holder is the CPC Austria.

The preparation of an OKOPROFIT® project requires introductory measures taken by authorities and consultants. They comprise:

-Acquisition of companies

-Project organisation

-Creation of a project schedule

-Promotion and PR

Development of a network structure

Kick-off Event

At a kick-off event the content and structure, as well as the objectives of the project are presented to politicians, local authority representatives, consultants and participating companies. Active Public Relations activities (press conference, etc.) are vital.

Workshop series

By means of clearly defined workshop-series, the OKOPROFIT®-Know-how is transferred into the companies. The running of this series is the task of local authority representatives and consultants.

Employees of the participating companies are trained on various aspects of integrated environmental protection focusing on energy, water, material stream management, production- and process-analysis, waste-management, environmental controlling, business- and environment-related legislation etc. All subjects are demonstrated and compiled through practical manuals and worksheets.

With this process the OKOPROFIT®-Know-how is conveyed to the companies, innovative processes are initiated and a sustainable development of ongoing improvements is guaranteed


Operational implementation

Parallel to the workshop-series OKO-PROFIT® consultants accomplish individual consultations of a minimum of 5 days per company. The participating companies are analysed on potential savings through state-of-the-art methods and an implementation programme is developed jointly. The implemented measures support an increase of the eco-efficiency of the company.

Evaluation and examination by the commission

The successful implementation of the measures at a corporate level is evaluated and reviewed by a commission on location.

The independent commission consists of the contracting authority, representatives of economy and science and the CPC Austria.

The advantage of this procedure is the quality assurance of OKOPROFIT® for all participants.

Through the combination of workshops and individual consultation the acquired know-how remains within the company.


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