18. November 2017

The ECOPROFIT® Academy

At the OKOPROFIT® Academy consultants and local authority representatives are trained on the OKOPROFIT® method.

The graduates acquire the necessary qualifications and authorisation to manage OKOPROFIT® projects according to official guidelines.

The 'Train-the-Trainer-Programme' comprises of:

- seminars at the OKOPROFIT® Academy

- the formulation of a practical implementation concept

- the presentation and certification



Consultants and local authority representatives are trained on a variety of aspects in sustainable and eco-efficient management with the following focal points:


■ Strategic Environmental Management

- sustainable business development environment management systems environmental policies,...

■ Resource Management

- production and process analysis material flow management controlling IT-support,...

■ Waste Management

- communal and corporate waste policies and strategies

- hazardous waste handling

- waste separation and recycling,...

■ Energy Management

- energy concepts and policies financing through contracting models user motivation,...

■ Water and Waste Water

- water supply and protection sewage disposal and cleaning,...

■ Mobility Management

traffic and mobility concepts awareness programmes corporate mobility planning,...

■ Legislative and Financial Environment

- environment related legislation

- legal compliance

- project financing/support programmes,...

■PR and Marketing for Public Networks

■Project Management

■Company visits

Additionally there is a special programme for representatives of local authorities covering the following issues:

■Establishment and organisation of communal structures in the field of environmental protection and business development

■Communal Waste Management

■Communal Water Management

■Communal Energy Concepts

■Mobility and Traffic Concepts

■Sustainable Development Strategies for


■Public Private Partnership-Concepts

■Local Agenda 21

Practical Implementation Concept

To practice the acquired knowledge the participants are asked for the formulation of a concrete implementation concept for OKOPROFIT®.


After the successful presentation of the implementation concept the participants will be certified 'OKOPROFIT® Project Manager' and 'OKOPROFIT® Consultant'.




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