18. October 2017

Successful International Conference in Graz boosts dissemination of ECOPROFIT®

From 9-11 March 2005, on invitation of the ICLEI member City of Graz, Austria, 70 participants from 19 countries gathered in Graz on the occasion of the first international ECOPROFIT Conference.

The conference aimed to provide deeper insight into the ECOPROFIT methodology and process with a good mix of presentations and site visits to ECOPROFIT companies. Presenters from different countries as well as consultants and companies provided their perspectives and expertise. Participants used the opportunity to make new contacts and first ideas for information exchange and new projects were developed.

The Conference was jointly organised by the Clean Production Center Austria (CPC) and ICLEI's International Training Centre. Based on the success, a further conference is already envisaged.

Presentations and proceedings are available on the conference website: www.iclei.org/itc/ecoprofit.



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